Computer Repair

Having your Computer Repair done properly is a daunting task. Thats why we are here. At iComputer repair we have technicials who are fully qualified and offer the best service in London. We have repaired thousands of computers to date for individuals and large businesses.

Computer Repair Services

Our services include all the common computer repair problems. There is no service we can't resolve. We offer repairs for all known problems which include virus and spyware removal to computer setup for businesses.

What can i do if my computer requires a virus repair?

We offer the perfect solution to remove your virus. Most viruses can be resolved depending on the amount of files which have been affected. Bring your machine to our store in Finchley and we will take it from there.

Computer and Laptop Water Repairs

Most computer and Laptop require immediate attention when conflict with water occurs, thats why it is important to get this looked into as soon as possible. The more you leave it the worser it will be come. We have a 95% success rate when it comes to water repairs.

Laptop Repair

We offer Laptop Repairs for all common problems including screen replacements. Laptops can suffer from all kind of issues including water. It is not safe to leave your laptop unrepaired.

Laptop Repair Services

Our Laptop repairs varies. We offer repaires for all faults. Wether it is virus, internet issues, wifi or any other problems wen can repair them.

Laptop Screen Replacements

iComputer Repairs offer laptop screen replacements at the best prices. Our laptops are all professionally replaced according to your laptop specification. We never replace with parts which are not compatible.

Laptop & Netbook screen replacements and repairs

  • PC and Laptop fault-finding (including Blue Screens, virus removal)
  • Laptop DC Socket repairs
  • Computer upgrades and servicing
  • Software re-installs and fixes

We don’t do ‘jargon’ but we do offer genuine and impartial advice to anyone who gets in touch with us. We can help with laptops, PCs, netbooks, internet and broadband problems. We also install home networks and carry out onsite troubleshooting. Not sure what the problem is? Give us a call!

If you need a computer repaired in Finchley or serviced contact iComputer Repair. We have been using and repairing computers since 2005 and we have unlimited experience in computer and laptop repairs.


Our repairs include

Computer and Laptop Repairs
  • Setup of New Computers and Laptops
  • Virus / Spyware Removal
  • Internet, Networking and Wireless Networking setup / troubleshooting
  • Connection of Printer, External Backup System, Camera or Router
  • Upgrade of Computer or Laptop (Memory, change Optical Drive etc.)
  • PC Servicing and Routine Maintenance
  • Data Backup Solutions / Systems
  • Advice and Basic Tuition
  • Hardware and Peripheral Sales and Installation
  • Hardware problems
  • Software problems
  • Internet & Broadband problems
  • Network problems
  • Virus & Spyware problems
  • Hardware issues
  • Windows Repair and Installation
  • Blue screen of death
  • Data recovery and repair
  • Hardware Recovery
  • Water repair
  • On site or off site repairs


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